The entry of Donald Trump into the 2016 election cycle has resulted in one of the most controversial presidential races in recent history. Due to the unpredictability of Trump, even members of his own party are not comfortable with him leading the way.

Trump brand split

When it became clear that Trump had a realistic shot at winning the party's nomination, a growing number of Republicans and other conservatives came together to loosely form what became known as the "Never Trump" movement. Even when their efforts had failed, their voice was heard by causing panic on the floor of the Republican National Convention, with some going as far as walking out during the event.

After Trump accepted the nomination, he continued to leave many of his fellow Republicans angry and bewildered at his campaign decisions and controversial comments. Almost two weeks after his debate performance against Hillary Clinton was universally panned, a new report claims that the GOP could "publicly split" if Trump is outperformed at the next debate, as reported by Mediaite on October 7.

During a segment on MSNBC Friday morning, host of "Meet the Press," Chuck Todd, reported that many in the Republican party could officially jump off the Trump train.

"If Donald Trump doesn't have a good night on Sunday and it's similar to the first debate, then you may start seeing the down-ballot exodus in some form," Todd told MSNBC host Willie Geist.

Todd cited "subtle hints" that have been released by Republicans in congress, referring to the next debate as a "do-or-die" moment for the GOP in the current election.

Todd continued, calling a possible repeat performance from Trump as "unrecoverable," stating that, "you may see the party publicly split."

Election countdown

This isn't the first time that a report suggested the final nail in Trump's relationship with Republican higher-ups. While publicly established party members and the former host of "The Apprentice" have a cordial relationship, various behind the scenes reports continue to describe dissension in the ranks.

With internal problems plaguing the campaign, mixed with debate issues and various new scandals breaking on an almost daily basis, the Trump train appears to be running out of steam.

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