Former Attorney General, Kathleen Kane was led out of the courtroom Monday in handcuffs and taken to Montgomery County Prison after her sentence of 10-23 months in prison. According to Kim Bathgate, spokewoman for the Office of Pennsylvania Courts, Kane will be on probation for eight years immediately following her release.

Kane, the first Democrat and woman elected in 2012 to serve as the states’ top prosecutor, faced a possible 12-24 years in prison. Kane’s attorney argued that the loss of her reputation, law license and career is punishment enough, and a longer sentence would not be necessary.

Kane was released Monday after a $75,000 bail.

Kane feels remorse for her actions

Although formerly denying the accusations made against her, the former attorney general is now reportedly feeling remorse for violating the trust of Pennsylvania residents. Kane, representing herself, asked the judge to have mercy for the sake of her two children, stating, “I don’t care what happens to me,” Kane told the judge, “There is no more torture in the world than to watch your children suffer and know you had something to do with it.”

The judge replied, “Your children are the ultimate collateral damages. They are causalities of your actions. But you did that, not this court.”

Prosecutors want to see Kane behind bars

On Monday, Judge Demchick-Alloy weighed the options of whether Kane would serve jail time, remain under house arrest, or get probation.

Prosecutors call Kane’s crimes “egregious” and pushed for jail time after the defense argued against it. They believe that the crimes destroyed the public’s confidence in the attorney general’s office and that Kane should be held responsible for her actions. District Attorney Kevin Steele states that the jail term was a long time coming.

Who will replace Kane?

Residents of Pennsylvania will soon get a say in who will replace Kane when they elect a new attorney general on November 8. Will Kane be able to avoid punishment and get a ticket out the back door? Does she really feel remorse for her actions or is it just another act to protect herself?

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