Donald Trump brings up the subject of a sex tape and now everyone is digging up anything he's ever said about that topic. It seems that Trump was trying to show Hillary Clinton the type of woman he believed she was dealing with when becoming a crony of the former Miss Universe. This is a woman who neglected to tell Hillary much of her sorted past, including allegedly appearing in a sex tape, which was basically the message Trump put out to Hillary.


Paris Hilton sex tape.

That backfired and now Donald Trump is linked to watching a sex tape, the one made by Paris Hilton. When Trump was on the Howard Stern's show years back, Stern asked him if he had ever seen the sex tape that Paris Hilton made. Trump, who called the incident an "unfortunate one" for Paris, did see the tape. 

He was quick to note that it was Melania who showed this tape to him, as Paris Hilton's parents are good friends of the Trump couple.


It sounds as if all the hoopla about the tape was upsetting for the family and friends of Paris, so Melania and Donald took a look at it. While Trump also said that it was the tape that rocketed Paris to fame, he said it was a sad ordeal for the young girl.

He is at least telling the truth!

There is no hiding the fact that Trump was a ladies man at one time, but there's also no hiding the fact that the only lady in his life today is his wife, Melania.

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Donald Trump

Instead of making it an issue about Trump watching the Paris Hilton sex tape, maybe the issue should be about how this guy seems to tell the truth when answering questions. 

If any of the other politicians in this nation sat down and watched that tape, which was making the rounds online years back, you would never hear them fess up to it. Trump had a life before he decided to run for president and comes clean when asked about the things he has done. 

Miss Universe wasn't forth coming with sorted past?

Politico describes the way Trump looks at the women who appear in sex tapes in a recent article.

If he is friends with the woman, then it's not much of an issue. On the other hand, if they are someone he is sparring with at the time, like Miss Universe Alicia Machado, he then has an issue and believes they have "some explaining to do."

Trump didn't come at this former Miss Universe alleged sex tape as if it were something condemning for the woman involved. What he did find condemning about the former Miss Universe is that she didn't fully disclose her sorted past when helping Hillary Clinton take a swipe at him.


When all is said and done, it is probably not a good idea for any candidate running for president to even mention the words "sex tape," despite these type of tapes being a part of the landscape of the Internet today.

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