Donald Trump is losing supporters amid the backlash from the video filled with lewd comments and sexual innuendo. And some of the most prestigious members of the Republican party have a message for Trump: Step aside. But rather than step down, Donald is staying on course and refusing to withdraw.

Will Donald Trump step down?

More than 30 high-ranking republicans, including members of the House and Senate, have responded to the video of Trump using vulgarities and seemingly boasting about how he forced himself on women by recommending he drop out as a candidate for the highest office in the land, reported NPR.

However, two problems exist in the call for Donald to step down: He continues to resist those demands that he quit, and the process of dumping Trump and replacing him with a new GOP candidate is more complicated than trying to figure out what really caused Angelina Jolie to dump Brad Pitt.

Trump is making it clear that he has "never withdrawn," reported the Los Angeles Times. In addition to declaring that he will not quit, Donald insists that he has "tremendous support." Moreover, despite the fact that the leaked recording portrayed him discussing women in vulgar, aggressive terms, Trump contends that there is "zero chance" he will step down.

Do Women still support Donald Trump?

So just who are these supporters, and are there any women who continue to defend Donald in the wake of his language about ladies?

The New York Times reports that while some women are reacting with "fury," others are brushing off his comments as mere jovial "banter." Those supporters, just like Angelina Jolie turning to Johnny Depp because of the similarities in their volatile divorces, see similarities between Trump's lewd comments 10 years ago and "men's talk" in general during that era.

In addition, Bill Clinton's name repeatedly is being used as a defense for Donald. Citing Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky during his presidential reign, these Trump supporters contend that what Bill did was much worse than Trump's comments. However, is it right to use Clinton as a weapon for defending Donald when it's not Bill but Hillary Clinton who's running for office?

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