Donald Trump is now campaigning onFacebook Live,in what seems to be the last effort to save the presidential candidate’s dwindling position in the 2016 presidential election race. All the three presidential debates have concluded, and analysts suggest that Hillary Clinton is leading in the opinion of the masses. The showwill continue to post updates every day till November 8, at 6:30PM ET.

Trump’s presidential campaign has shifted gears, with a plan to broadcast the latest events and updates on Facebook Live. As clarified by The Verge, this is going to be more about latest developments in Trump’s campaign rather than a news channel to compete with the mainstream media.

So it is not going to be a journalism channel, despite being an all-around copycat of Fox News-stylepresentation.

Trump’s campaign advisors will host the Facebook Live feeds

Campaign advisors Boris Epshteyn and Cliff Sims will reportedly host the new social media programs while The Blaze commentator Tomi Lahren will also join the duo. The first installment will be an interview of campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and another campaign advisor, Jason Miller, Wired reported.

Reason behind going to Facebook Live

According to the campaign source, Facebook Live is going to be an unbiased source of updates about Trump’s campaign, which were previously fed out through Fox News. But as of the latest allegations against the Republican presidential candidate, most of the media outlets, including Fox, have shut down their doors to pro-Trump enchantments.

"We all know how strong the left wing media bias is," Epshteyn toldWired and further added that this was their way of delivering their message to voters. He also said that the purpose of going to Facebook Live is "using 21st century technology and communication in a way that’s effective."

Decisive moments towards Election Day

These final two weeks are the most crucial to campaigns of both presidential candidates.

WhileHillary Clinton seems to be leaning on her Republican counterpart, the Democrat said on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” that tables could turn at any time and all the Americans must come forward and vote.

Unlike Trump's campaign move, pro-Clinton supportersare voicing out to their potential voters via “The Briefing,"a digital and social media video production entity.

As the2016 Election day is nearing, it makes sense that both campaigns will be doing whatever it takes to win the voters, whether it means magnifying qualities of their leaders or damaging the reputation of the opponent.

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