Nancy O'Dell made a strong statement about the scandal around Donald Trump's lewd comments, on the video tape leaked by Washington Post last week. It turns out that she was the "married woman" that the Republican candidate mentions in the video, the one he tried to seduce. Trump has already issued an apology for those comments, but the shock waves are hitting badly his campaign, with several key Republican figures stepping aside, and with a new poll revealing a significant drop. O'Dell's intervention is adding to this.

The journalist doesn't want to be the news

O'Dell clarified that she was brought to a political scandal which she "didn't ask to be a part" and that she wants to focus his news reporting work on others, and not on herself. However, as her name was mentioned in relation to such a huge issue, she felt she should take a stanceand a personal one. She remarked that she is feeling "sad" that such comments "still exist in our society" and she strongly opposed the "objectification of women" in the way Trump mentioned her.

Nancyreinforced her role as a professional, remembering the audience that she has "been a journalist for 26 years." But she also stated her role as a mother, as someone who couldn't simply ignore what was going on, given was the future grown-ups and citizens will think and behave. The Entertainment Tonight host reassured the importance of values as hard work, intelligence, determination to achieve goals, and need for our society to stop the way of thinking behind Donald Trump's comments.

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Donald Trump

The face of Entertainment Tonight

O'Dell, 50, is the co-anchor of the news show entertainment "Entertainment Tonight," since 2011. Born in South Carolina, she started as an anchor for local TV stations. In 1993, she moved to NBC, where she became well-known . She has been a host to several events, like the "Miss USA" competition, or "St. Patrick's Day Parade" in New York City. She also co-hosted NBC's "Access Hollywood," the news show, with Billy Bush - precisely the man who sided with Trump in the leaked tape.

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