One of the things which attract voters to Donald Trump is his reported position on U.S. trade. Yet, many may not be aware of a recent Newsweek investigation which found that Trump chose to purchase his aluminum and steel from Chinese manufacturers for his previous two construction projects. Blue-collar workers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin were not considered.

The investigation uncovered that in some cases, Trump abandoned the idea of using steel altogether, opting to use the cheaper material of concrete instead.

Some of these purchases were reportedly made from companies linked to the Genovese and Luchese crime families. It has long been rumored that the Mafia controls a large chunk of the New York concrete industry.

It’s just business

Throughout Trump’s campaign, he has often explained his actions as “just business.” A majority of his decisions have been determined to not be based on commitment or obligation to help the small business person. They are to yield high profits for himself and his family. There is nothing wrong with taking care of family, but contradictions are another thing.

Trump campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, has not given a response regarding the story.

China, China, China

Trump often mentions China with a ring of disdain, yet he apparently does not mind doing business with the Chinese. One of the companies Trump purchased his steel from is Ossen. When Americans buy from Ossen, they will be providing financial benefits to a wide range of Chinese companies and their government.

Trump has also claimed he was forced to look to China for manufacturing of his clothing line because American companies no longer make those types of products. This is false. Brooks Brothers, for example, ties are made in his home state of New York. Trump has lined his pockets and loaded his bank accounts with millions that could have helped put food on the table of blue-collar workers. Now, they are hoping he will bring back the jobs he helped to send away.

If not, it’s only business.

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