If you thought Donald Trump sounded just a bit paranoid after Monday night's presidential debate when he claimed his microphone on his podium was defective... think again. The Debate Commission has announced that the mic was in fact defective. In a very short statement the commission announced that the mic had an issue which "affected the sound level in the debate hall."

Mic was over amplifying?

That was it, the statement didn't elaborate on the "issue" that caused all the sounds coming from Donald Trump to be amplified to the point he sounded as if he was giving a rendition of Darth Vader.


Each time Trump took a breath the sound resonated through the debate hall giving the impression Trump had super-sonic sniffles. 

This was no accident, was it?

Donald Trump was vindicated after this rather delayed statement hit the news. During a speech on Saturday Trump told the crowd that using that mic during the debate was tough to do as the sound was distracting. But with millions upon millions of people watching from all over the nation he wasn't about to stop the debate and demand it get fixed.


Call it a "conspiracy theory" if you want, but Trump and many other folks have touched on the thought that this was done on purpose. It seems just too coincidental that the mic for Trump distorted the sound of his voice in a rather aggravating way, yet Hillary's mic was clear as a bell. The Debate Commission wasn't foolish enough to call it an accidental or a systems malfunction, they just didn't offer up an explanation as to how this happened at all.

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Needless to say, right after the debate this gave folks on the social media sites plenty of material to be their own late-night comedians. Then there were the real late-night comedians who played with the sound of Trump's exaggerated sniffling until the cows came home.

While anything is possible, and yes, this malfunctioning of the mic could have been a coincidence, that's a stretch.

Just look at the detail given to the presentation on the debate stage. Trump towers over Hillary Clinton, so a special step was added for her to stand on to make her appear taller than her actual height. Hillary's podium was created larger than Trump's so as soon as Hillary stepped up on that box step in front of a wider podium, it gave the optical illusion that he wasn't overwhelming her in size.

Hillary had designer podium-- Trump given designer sound?

According to the Federalist Papers, the designer podium was done at Hillary Clinton's request.


Her campaign asked the CPD to do this for her so Trump, who towers over Clinton by 10 inches or so, wouldn't overwhelm her in size. Apparently Hillary doesn't want Donald Trump to have any edge over her even when it comes to size!

Keeping the specialized podium in mind, which is a desperate attempt by Hillary to not let Trump have an edge over her, how can you not wonder if Trump's microphone was purposely tampered with? He is a force to be reckoned with when speaking, he comes off as a powerful guy, so how do you tweak that? Make him sound like a sniffling Darth Vader?



The Darth Vader mic!      

That mic was so sensitive, you could hear him smack his lips together when forming words. When Trump moved his hands, the wind from the movement is heard swishing by the mic. When the GOP candidate's arm brushed by the top of the podium, you could hear the fabric brushing against it, so that mic was designed to amplify noise to the max, which you can see in the YouTube video below. 

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