After Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton concluded the first presidential debate last week, all eyes were on what the fallout would be. Since that time, the Republican nominee has been hit with various allegations and scandals, with new information just coming to light.

Adult video history

During the debate, Clinton referenced former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who Trump had been accused of "body shaming" in the past. After Machado gained weight following her pageant win in 1996, Trump had members of the press follow her with cameras to document her workout sessions. The public allegations caused Trump to go into a tweet-storm against Clinton and Machado, accusing the former beauty queen of appearing in a sex tape.

Not long after he made the charges, it was found that Trump had appeared in a softcore Playboy porn film. As reported by The Hill on October 5, at least two more softcore adult films have been discovered where the former host of "The Apprentice" made an appearance.

The original film Trump was known to be involved with was titled "Video Centerfold," which highlighted the billionaire real estate mogul in a cameo appearance pouring champagne on a group of Playboy playmates in 2000. Now, a softcore video released in 1994, titled "Playboy centerfold," has been uncovered and shows Trump helping with the search find the magazine's "40th anniversary Playmate," including taking pictures and interviewing models.

In addition, Trump also appeared in another softcore adult film for Playboy, this time in a 2001 video based around Betsey Johnson, a former playmate who had arranged a fashion show.

The women in the film are shown in the nude, though Trump was not on camera during that time.

Moving forward

In addition to the bombshell news of his softcore adult film history and poor debate performance, Trump was hit with other scandals by different news outlets in the last week.

Newsweek confirmed last week that one of Trump's businesses possibly violated the Cuban embargo during a trip to the country in 1998, while The New York Times got their hands on, and released, a portion of his 1995 tax returns. With reality staring him directly in the face, the last week has been one of the most challenging for Trump, who continues to trail Clinton in the general election race to the White House.

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