Donald Trump knocked it out of the park in the second 2016 Presidential Debate and he showed America he is his own man when a quote from his running mate wasn't exactly Trump's point of view and he made no qualms about saying so. He had non-scripted comebacks that proved he's quick thinking, but most of all he was relentless on pointing out Hillary's time is over. After 30 years, a number she herself used on stage, of public service, he pointed out the irony on how there are so many things she wants to change now.

Trump's dangerous card

Trump started the night out by playing a dangerous card with press conference consisting of the women who accused Hillary's husband of unwanted sexual advances and in one case rape.

Then those women were given prominent seats at the town hall debate. When the camera panned over to Bill Clinton seated in the debate hall, the man was visibly uncomfortable.BillClinton's alleged unsavory behavior with women and Hillary's bullying of them after they came out and accused her husband was something Trump went after with all his might.

Hammers home Clinton's political failures

Donald Trump successfully made this second presidential debate about the failures of Hillary Clinton while in office. He asked the American people to think about the choices they have. Do you want to judge me by something I said 10 years ago or do you want to judge Hillary on her less than stellar record as a politician?

He hammered home the point that she stood on that stage naming the things she wants to change, when realistically, she has plenty of time in politics to do this.

Term sex tape historic first in presidential debate

The Chicago Tribune refers to this debate as a "bitter" one and they mentioned how the term "sex tape" made it into a presidential debate for the first time.

That is when the moderator brought up Trump directing people to that sex tape online. Trump jumped down the throat of the moderator, setting him straight. He said Hillary was defending this woman and I made the point that she did not have a stellar past. He said Hillary should have checked online and she would have found that the woman was in a sex tape.

He made the point of saying he never directed people to watch her sex tape.

Blaming it on Abraham Lincoln ludicrous excuse

Hillary made one of her biggest mistakes when explaining the Wikileaks emailsand this sent her spiraling downward. Hillary said in an email that she finds having one opinion for the public and another in private works for her. Hillary was asked if she felt being two-faced, as she suggested in that email, was OK. She quickly turned this into a ludicrous excuse having to do with the actions that Abraham Lincoln took.

Trump jumped on her like no tomorrow saying how she is now blaming Abe Lincoln, "Honest Abe." This got laughs and applause from the audience. According to Frank Luntz and his "undecided" focus group, Trump is not only back in the race, but many of those undecided votes have now swayed toward voting for him, as seen on Fox News live following Sunday night's presidential debate.

Yes, Trump proved he is a master escape artist tonight.

Best zinger of the night

Perhaps the biggest zinger of all came from Trump when Clinton said: "thankfully we don't have someone like Donald Trump in charge of the law." Trump blurted out... "because you'd be in jail." The crowd loved it. There's not much argument tonight about who came out ahead in this debate and that would be Donald Trump.

When asked by anaudience member if the two candidates would say something they respect about each other. Hillary offered how she respects Donald Trump's children, which Trump considered a complement. Trump says Hillary doesn't quit and doesn't give up and he respects that. There was no handshake when they entered the stage, but they shook hands at the end of the debate!

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