After gaining momentum following Hillary Clinton's health issues last month, Donald Trump was hit with an October surprise that every candidate dreads. With numerous allegations of sexual harassment being thrown his way, Trump has decided on who is to blame.

Trump denial

After The New York Times broke a bombshell Wednesday night detailing the story of two incidents of alleged sexual assault involving Trump, the Palm Beach Post and People magazine also ran similar articles. The allegations have caused a rift in the Republican party, while appearing to drag down the campaign with less than four weeks until voters head to the polls on Election Day.

As reported by The Hill, via the Wall Street Journal, on October 14, Trump is set to put the blame on the sexual assault allegations on an alleged Clinton media conspiracy.

Trump will accuse Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire who is a shareholder of The New York Times, for allegedly taking part in a conspiracy to bring his campaign down. Going further, the former host of "The Apprentice" will also point out that Slim has been a donor to the Clinton Foundation.

While Trump will attempt to tie Slim to Hillary Clintonthrough his charitable donations, he is likely to leave out that he has also donated to the Clinton Foundation in the past, as have other Republicans, Democrats, and non-partisan figures.

In response to the claim, the Clinton campaign referred to Trump's strategy as a "deranged right-wing conspiracy theory." The New York Times also gave their thoughts, referring to Slim as an "excellent shareholder" who "has never sought to influence" reporting on the paper.

Trump has recently amped up his attack on the media, feeding into the narrative that he is being deliberately targeted during the election cycle.

Election countdown

In 25 days, millions of Americans will decide who will become the next commander in chief. According to the most recent rolling average provided by Real Clear Politics, Trump is trailing Clinton by six points nationally, while also struggling to makeup ground in key swing states, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, and Colorado.

With the pressure piling on, the consensus is that Clinton will be the winner on Election Day.

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