When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president last summer, he quickly made headlines when he labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "murderers" and "rapists." With Illegal Immigration being his first line of attack, it appears Trump is sticking what got him to the dance, regardless of the criticism.

Trump's accusation

It all started with immigration reform, with Trump promising to build a new wall along the Southern border of the United States, which Mexico would allegedly be financially responsible for. Mass deportation and immigration task forces were other ideas the billionaire real estate mogul focused on, all leading to a 70 percent disapproval rating with potential Hispanic voters.

As reported by The Hill on October 7, Trump is now promoting the conspiracy that the Obama administration is importing illegal immigrants into the country with the goal of electing Hillary Clinton on November 8.

On Friday morning at Trump Tower in New York City, the former host of "The Apprentice" met with members of the National Border Patrol Council, including the organization's vice president Art Del Cueto. According to Del Cueto, border patrol agents have been given specific "instructions to not deport illegal immigrants with criminal records." When Del Cueto expressed concern that the illegal immigrants were being given access to vote in November, Trump doubled down.

"They (Obama administration) are letting people pour into this country so they can go and vote," Trump reportedly said, only adding to his hard-line stance on immigration.

Next up

On Sunday night, Trump will go face-to-face with Hillary Clinton in the second of three scheduled debates.

In the first contest, the former Secretary of State was declared the clear winner by most news and media outlets, with Trump's performance being universally panned by critics. In the week since the two squared off, Trump and his campaign have been forced to deal with multiple scandals, including the release of his 1995 tax returns, and the lawsuit alleging he raped a minor being ordered to move forward by a federal judge.

With just over a month until Election Day, the odds are heavily in favor of Clinton becoming the next president.

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