While Wednesday's final presidential debate dominated cable news, one of the most interesting and tense moments of post-debate coverage took place when Megyn Kelly of Fox News questioned DNC chief Donna Brazile about the recentWikiLeaks revelation that she forwarded a CNN town hall question to the Clinton campaign prior to the event-- a grossly unethical act that has instigated Donald Trump to call for Brazile's resignation.

Brazile fumbles her answer

Brazile appeared to have been caught off guard by Kelly's question, presumably because she was expecting to discuss the third and final presidential debate, which had concluded earlier that evening.

After Megyn Kelly asked Brazile about the leaked email showing that she messaged the Clinton campaign with the exact wording of a question later asked by moderator Roland Martin during the March 13th town hall, the DNC head immediately played the victim card, responding: "As a Christian woman, I understand persecution." She then stated that she would not "sit here and be persecuted" by Megyn Kelly.

Brazile then faltered when trying to explain the leaked town hall question, offering numerous garbled excuses, one of which was that she didn't trust the authenticity of the messages exposed by Wikileaks. At one point during the interview, Brazile said that Megyn Kelly was "like a thief" because her questions were based upon stolen emails.

When asked by Kelly if she denied sending the message to the Clinton campaign, Brazile refused to give a simple yes or no answer, stating that she wasn't going to attempt to validate falsified information, but adding that she did not receive the town hall question from CNN.

Leaked email appears to reveal media bias

The leaked email in question was sent by Brazile to Hillary Clinton's communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, on March 12. In the email, Brazile stated "From time to time I get the questions in advance".

Perhaps the awkwardness could have been avoided if only had Fox News given Donna Brazile advance knowledge of the question Megyn Kelly was prepared to ask.

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