No folks this is not a new cartoon set to air on your television, even though it sounds bizarre enough to be one. Creepy clowns started off terrorizing the United States, in August, and now it appears they have gone global. Creepy clowns have started to pop up across the pond and one town is handling it in a unique way.

Send in Batman to thwart the creepy clowns

When the clowns started to appear in Whitehaven, Cumbria, children became very afraid. Reports from the US had already warned them that these clowns appear out of nowhere and chase and scare children and adults alike.

Some of the creepy clowns were even reported to come equipped with knifes and chainsaws.

In order to ease the children’s fears, Cumbria Superheroes, a local costume shop, decided to fight imaginary scary characters with super hero characters. What better super hero to reassure kids than Batman? They send Batman out to patrol the streets and look for creepy clowns. Who doesn’t feel safer, knowing that Batman is on duty?

UK Police warn shops about what to sell

The UK is taking this clown situation as seriously as the US has and the police have been instructing shop owners to be careful in selling anything that could be construed as “creepy clown garb.” So if the clowns want to terrorize overseas, they won’t be getting anything new to wear.

Police have also taken a stand that offenders will be arrested.

Police in Kent have already received over 50 reports of clown sightings. Many seem to be doing this as joke, now that the craze has caught on and gone global. In South Wales, an 18-year-old was arrested after he dressed as a clown and jumped out at school children.

This craze not only scares the public, it is dangerous for the creepy clown jokesters as well.

According to reports, a 13-year-old boy, dressed as a clown, was hit by a car. Though he only sustained minor injuries, it could have been worse.Many reports, true or not, have surfaced about people taking to the streets to hunt clowns and there are even videos circulating that show clowns being beaten and shot for trophies. While many find this humorous, it creates a dangerous situation for the public and any creepy clown pranksters.

US on high alert with Halloween approaching

People in the US are worried about the approaching Halloween season where it is typical to see a multitude of costumes. A creepy clown would usually not be out of the ordinary during Halloween, but since they have been appearing since early August, it is cause for concern.

Parents are concerned that it will be near impossible to distinguish the difference between a trick or treat clown and one of the creepy clowns who might wish to cause harm. Many have even said their child will not trick or treat this year. Perhaps the US should follow the UK’s lead and send in a few super heroes to battle the creepy clowns.

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