The calendar has flipped to October and with it the leaves have started to turn, the apples are ready to be picked, and the creepy Clowns have hit the streets. Yes with Halloween coming up at the end of the month people dressed up as clowns have been seen all over the country, including South Carolina and Missouri. The latest place to have clowns roaming the streets is the small town of Orono, Maine.

Orono a logical place for creepy clowns

Orono is the home of the University of Maine and one of the most famous graduates from the school is horror writer Stephen King. The highly successful author graduated from the school in 1970 and he then settled down in nearby Bangor.

King created one of the creepiest clowns ever in his 1986 novel "It." The shape shifting main character of the book terrorizes a small town and often takes the form of a clown named Pennywise to lure people to their demise.

Police say there is nothing to fear

Police in Orono posted to their Facebook account that they knew about the clown sightings and said that there is no indication that anything nefarious is going on. They did issue a warning to those that like to clown around that if they started harassing or threatening people that they would not hesitate to step in, but dressing up as a clown and traversing around town isn't illegal.

Simple fun or a dangerous game?

People walking around as creepy clowns isn't against the law, but one has to wonder if it is really a smart thing to do.

Other places in the country have had reports of clowns hanging around schools and trying to lure children away. Although the reports were never verified, some people would certainly be on edge if they saw freaky clowns hanging around their town. It seems like this little game of dress up may wind up with someone getting hurt when an innocent little prank is mistaken for something more sinister.

Coulrophobics, those who fear clowns, certainly would be much happier if these pranksters put the makeup, big shoes, and wig away, at least until Halloween is actually here.

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