The political world stopped Friday afternoon when a leaked audio clip revealed controversial comments made by Donald Trump over a decade ago. The controversy has dominated cable news, with the issue growing heated as the night went on.

Bombshell backlash

Trump was riding with former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush in 2005, on their way to the set of a soap opera segment. Inside the bus, Trump's comments to Bush were picked up by a hot mic that both individuals were unaware was on at the time. The billionaire real estate mogul told a story about how he attempted to have sex with Nancy O'Dell, former lead anchor of Access Hollywood, going into detail about how he uses his fame to attract women.

The comments were made just months after he married his current wife Melania, and were discussed in further detail during a CNN panel segment, as reported by Mediaite on October 8.

(Navarro's comments start at 3:20 in the above video.)

Joining host Don Lemon was a panel of guests which included Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes and Ana Navarro, a conservative critic of Trump. The conversation took a heated turn when Navarro quoted one of Trump's most vulgar terms, when he said he liked to "Grab em' by the pu**y." Visibly frustrated, Navarro directed her next question to Republicans as a whole, asking, "What did you do the day you saw the tape of this man boasting about grabbing a woman’s pu**y?' Period!"

It was at this point where Hughes, who, while admitting they were wrong, continued to defend the former host of "The Apprentice" and his remarks.

Cutting Navarro off, Hughes asked her not to repeat the offensive word because her young daughter was watching at home, leading to a total implosion of the panel.

"You know what, Scottie?," Navarro shouted, before firing back, "Don't tell me you're offended when I say pu**y but you're not offended with Donald Trump says it!" The segment quickly spiraled out of control, further highlighting the chaos of the current political and election landscape.

Campaign crumbling

In the hours since the release of the tape, Trump has lost the support of multiple Republicans. Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz has announced that he is no longer able to support Trump, while the same can be said about the state's Gov. Gary Herbert. House Speaker Paul Ryan has also condemned the comments, going as far as canceling his appearance with Trump during a previously planned rally on Saturday.

Even Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, was reported to have been "beside himself" after listening to the clip in question. Trump attempted to right the ship early Saturday morning by releasing a video apology, but it has since been criticized for its tone and message of attacking Bill Clinton.

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