With less than four weeks until voters head to the polls, the number one story dominating the election cycle is sexual assault. While topics dealing with the economy, foreign policy, and social issues usually take center-stage as Election Day nears, the recent allegations against Donald Trump have overwhelmed American politics.

Campaign trouble

When a leaked audio tape was released last week, the world was able to get a glimpse into the sexual thoughts of the Republican nominee. On the tape, Trump appeared to brag about being able to grab women by their private parts and get away with it, all because of his celebrity status.

Since the release of the tape, multiple women have come forward and accused Trump of various acts of sexual assault, starting with the bombshell story broke my The New York Times. As reported by Medaite on October 15, Trump's recent wave of scandals were highlighted on CNN.

Joining host Don Lemon Saturday night was network contributors Margaret Hoover, and Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes. While Hoover focused on the possibility that the accusers' stories hold water, Hughes wrote them off, doing her best to poke holds in the claims and defend the former host of "The Apprentice." When Hughes said the recent issue of the Wikileaks' release of Hillary Clinton's emails were a bigger deal than the sexual assault claims, Lemon decided to get personal.

Lemon went public in 2010 about his story of being sexually abused as a child by an adult, and took an issue to Hughes' statement. Lemon said Hughes' response was "really insulting," especially because he is a "survivor of sexual abuse and who is a product of a single mother and was raised with all sisters and aunts and who looked after me." Lemon was not done there, referring to sexual assault claims as a "very important issue" and encouraged others to discuss the topics in a "more substantive way." Hughes forced a last word in, asking, "Aren't we doing that?" before rolling her eyes and turning her head to the side.

Moving forward

The recent scandals to rock the Trump campaign have impacted his current poll numbers in a negative way. The latest Real Clear Politics rolling average has Hillary Clinton up by six points nationally, while she grabs the lead in most swing states. Political pundits and pollsters are currently predicting a Clinton victory, unless Trump can find a way to bounce back over the next 24 days.

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