When Typhoon Megi made landfall in Taiwan, it left nearly 4 Million citizens without electrical power and forced as many as 14,000 to evacuate inland. The catastrophic storm is estimated to have cost the Taiwanese agricultural industry as much 4billion New Taiwanese dollars (NT$), or more than 109 million US dollars, with around 19,000 hectares of crops damaged in total. As of October 1st, Typhoon Megi is estimated to have taken the lives of as many as eight deaths across Taiwan with many, many more injured as a result of this storm and subsequent landslides.

Environmental, humanitarian crisis

In china, Typhoon Megi has led to entire neighborhoods being swallowed up as a result of immense rainfall and shifting lands.

The Shanghai Daily is reporting that the death toll in China has reached 17 with as many as 27 citizens still reported as "missing." The Chinese government has released statements which suggest that as much as 400,000 cubic meters of mud and debris slid down mountainous terrain neareastern China's Zhejiang Province resulting in a catastrophic environmental, humanitarian crisis in this rural part of the nation.

TheXinhua News Agencyhas reported that as many as 120,000 Chinese were ordered to evacuate their homes in the prelude to and aftermath of the storm. That same organization reported that China recalled some 32,000 fishing boats as a direct result of Typhoon Megi.

In China, some 12,000 or more homes have been damaged or destroyed as a result of this environmental catastrophe.

This storm has affected as many as 209 Million Chinese citizens. As of October 2nd, the total estimated cost of the devastation issued by Typhoon Megi in China reached5.53 billion Yuan, or about 832.4 million USD.

The world stands with those affected by Typhoon Megi

It seems quite miraculous that there was not more loss of life as a result of Typhoon Megi in Taiwan and China.

Authorities in these nations should be celebrated for their swift efforts to protect losses of life. At this time, Typhoon Megi is still wrecking havoc in Taiwan and eastern China. Though the cost to business has been immense, the risk to life is a far greater concern.

At this time, it is important for the world to stand in solidarity with all citizens affected by the environmental, humanitarian crisis unfolding as a result of the storm and subsequent landslides.

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