Hawaii is a beautiful island known by so many as a paradise with its gorgeous beaches and mesmerizing blue ocean waters. The deep blue seas hold many dangers most are not aware of. Meteorologists are not sure why there is an increase in shark attacks in the fall season off these coastal waters of Hawaii. Some researchers speculate they are drawn to the beautiful coral and the fish that live there as a food source.

Reports of shark attacks

Ocean-goers off the coast of Hawaii are urged to be cautious due to an increase in shark attacks during the fall season. In 35 years, reports documented 122 unprovoked shark attacks off the coast of Hawaiian waters, with 1 in 5 of those attacks occurring in the month of October.

The greatest number of shark attacks is typically throughout the fall season, especially in October. Ocean-goers are asked to exercise extreme caution when going into the water. Utilize only beaches with lifeguards on duty, stay around crowds and never go far from shore. Avoid stream mouths and murky waters inviting to Sharks. Although the incidence of shark bites are small, chances are higher during the fall time frame.

Results of research on shark attacks

The University of Hawaii conducted research on frequent shark attacks during the fall season off their coastal shores. The studies showed that 1 in 4 female tiger sharks migrate to the islands during the fall to give birth. Speculation is that their need to feed and depleted energy stores lead to increased shark bites.

Reports document two shark bites in fall of 2012, three in 2013, four in 2014 and three in 2015. The 2015 attacks occurred off the shores of Oahu. One of the attacks in 2014 made headlines and national coverage regarding surfers McKenzie Clark and Brian Wargo. The shark involved in the assault was a tiger shark measuring around 15 feet in length.

Wargo had the will to fight back, punching the shark in its gill area until it let go and swam away. Both Wargo and Clark continue to surf but with more caution, advising others to be aware of conditions around you, consider the time of year, and avoid dusk or dawn and cloudy waters. However, it is hard to know what triggers a shark attack.

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