Animal lovers often have good intentions when it comes to the love and care of various critters. Taking in too many animals often leads to hoarding and Animal Abuse. It is more disturbing to learn that an abusive situation occurred in an Animal Sanctuary that is meant to provide care and protection for unfortunate animals.

Nevada Animal Sanctuary investigated

Two women, Donna Mead, 51 and Dawn Spoolman, 54 operated the Desert Rescue Animal Shelter in Nevada for the past 11 years. After a new tip, authorities from Clark County Animal Control and the police were called to the sanctuary which was held in a four bedroom home.

More than 400 animals were discovered at the animal sanctuary, both wild and domestic. At least 100 of those rescued had to be euthanized due to illness, injuries and horrific, unsanitary living conditions. Some of the animals rescued included coyotes, an owl, foxes, rodents, reptiles, dogs, cats, pigeons, rabbits and ferrets that were living in cages stacked on top of each other. The animals lived in their own feces and urine with no clean water or food. Also on the property were two horses and six goats.

Mead and Spoolman face multiple charges during sanctuary investigation

The two women in charge of the Nevada animal sanctuary, Ms. Mead, and Ms. Spoolman are facing multiple charges of malicious torture to animals and other misdemeanor violations.

After being booked at the Clark County jail, the women were later released on house arrest. They claim that they had good intentions in caring for the animals but quickly became overwhelmed. A court date has been set in the case.

The Desert Rescue Animal Sanctuary has been in operation for 11 years, with nine of those years operated out of the women’s Cold Creek home.

The facility under investigation is located just northwest of Las Vegas. After the investigation and rescue of the animals, neither women or their attorneys would comment on the situation other than to say that it was “anything but routine.” The case is expected to go to court in December.

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