Despite Russian efforts to instill a "humanitarian pause" in its aerial bombardment of the besieged city of Aleppo, Syria, reports have been coming in from across social media which indicate civilian lives are still being threatened as snipers, mechanized forces and bombs continue to encroach on life in and around the ancient citadel. The "humanitarian pause" is only scheduled to last between 8:00 and 19:00 (local time), leaving a narrow window of opportunity for families to flee as refugees cast into an uncertain country, during truly tragic times.

Humanitarian crisis unfolds in Aleppo, Syria

Try to imagine for one second the horror of trying to leave a place like Aleppo only to emerge into a larger theater of war just outside the city you knew and loved?

The levels of humanitarian crisis unfolding in Syria have reached a truly unimaginable level and it is the necessity of all governments in the world to make efforts to come to the aid of the civilians trapped in this expanding warzone. Russia has promised to air live footage of civilians exiting Aleppo but nonetheless conflict continues. Despite efforts on the part of Russia and Syria to ease airstrikes, Turkey continues to reign death from above and is reporting killing as many as 200 just north of Aleppo inMaarrat Umm Hawsh during the evening of Wednesday the 19th of October.

France's President Hollande along with representatives from the United States and United Kingdom have described Russian and Syrian aerial bombardment of Aleppo as being tantamount to war crimes.

Many NATO nations are discussing the possibility of levying economic sanctions on Syria and Russia but to what end?

Families with more resilience then many in the Western World could ever comprehend are struggling beyond belief in Syria. Wars of this nature have no clear winners and many often faceless losers.

For the civilians living in and around Aleppo and across many other parts of Syria, war has become the new normal, taking place of daily prayer, trips to school and the potential to dream about a better future. The levels of sadness and decay that these events illustrate about our modern world speak volumes about humanity's barbarian past and troubled coming of age.

The levels of carnage experienced by the people living in Aleppo, Syria have been some of the most dramatic realized in the modern era of urban combat. For months, civilians have struggled to hold on to survival and normalcy in the face of sectarianviolence which has destroyed much of their city and it's vital infrastructure. Hospitals, public utilities, schools and every other sort of civilian target imaginable has been bombed, booby trapped or used otherwise to incite terror, fear and death.

All free people must demand peace for Aleppo and the citizens of Syria

The horrors of the Battle of Aleppo are truly astonishing and bring constant reminder the grim reality of modern war and the neccesityto support the global peace process on all continents and between all enemy combatants.

Too many children, too many families, too many communities share too much in common to allow violence of this magnitude to erupt anywhere in our modern world.

War is relic of the past that must go the way dinosaur, fading into memory and the challenging comfort of classrooms and museums. As a global society, we have advanced far enough to realize better, more sustainable ways to future prosperity. War is not the answer and never will be.

The citizens of Aleppo, the citizens of the world, deserve a lasting peace and it is up to all so-called "free people" to demand it!

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