More than two tons of Marijuana has been seized and 35 people are in custody -- a number of whom admitted to being in the United States illegally -- after a raid of what authorities are calling a large industrial marijuana processing facility in California’s rural Calaveras County.The raid on Thursday -- the second major marijuana bust in the remote county in just two days -- comes after authorities had discovered old airport hangars in the historic gold rush community of San Andreas had been turned into a pot processing operation.

A number of those arrested admitted to being in the country illegally

Sheriff’s officials say the 35 people arrested were all working at the facility, with a number of them admitting they had entered the country illegally from Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. Also arrested were individuals from as far away as Iceland and Bulgaria.Officials said Friday evening they would be providing more details on the raid, but as of 5 p.m. they said more than 2 ½ tons of marijuana had been seized.

Besides the marijuana, authorities say they also found a number of health and safety code violations and that those arrested had been working in unsafe conditions. Doors to a processing building had been bolted shut and there were several “hazardous issues” that posed a threat to the workers.

Raid follows bust of massive marijuana farm in nearby West Point

Thursday’s bust comes after 23 people were arrested and 7,700 pounds of marijuana was seized in a raid of a massive marijuana growing operation on Tuesday in nearby West Point, a tiny community about 25 miles away from San Andreas. Officials did not say if the two busts were related.

With fewer than 50,000 people living in Calaveras County, the remote county is known more for its historic gold rush towns, scenic vistas and link to famed author Mark Twain, rather than massive drug busts. Every year the county hosts its Jumping Frog Jubilee, which is named for Twain’s classic story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."

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