Just as #ZombieHillary broke out of the Twitter trending starting gate and poked its head through as a viral hashtag, it was gone. It appears that Twitter removed the trending topic of #ZombieHillary, which was coined after Hillary Clinton was seen as someone very frail over the weekend. To say that Twitter users were peeved that the hashtag was censored would be putting it mildly.

Twitter Censorship?

While Hillary has been fighting pneumonia via a regimen of antibiotics and a few days at home, some people believe she appears as a woman who could do with a little more rest after the way she presented over the weekend.

Basically this is how #ZombieHillary was born.

Redirect to a misspelled trend?

It appears that Twitter pulled a fast one as #ZombieHillary wasn't allow to trend, yet #ZombieHilary was. They removed one of the letters of her name. "IBT News" reports today that another media outlet noticed if you used #ZombieHillary the Twitter system misspelled the name by removing one of the letter "l"s in her name.

Allegedly the autocomplete system was purposely programmed to suggest the #ZombieHilary hashtag to keep #ZombieHillary from trending. Twitter users were quick to figure out that Twitter suppressed the original hashtag and displayed their disappointment on the social media site with a barrage of tweets similar to the ones below.

Modern-day version of book censoring?

Suppressing the trending Hillary hashtag was like the modern-day version of censoring books. It was surprising to most that Twitter would do this as they've never attempted to stop a disparaging Trump tweet from trending.

Just when you thought that social media was just that, a media run by the people - you find out just how wrong you are. It appears that there is someone somewhere pulling the strings on just what can and cannot become a trending topic.

To be fair... why wasn't #BasketOfDeplorables censored when Hillary coined this term for Trump supporters. This hashtag was a recent trending tweet.

Not first time Twitter suppressed trending topic?

According to an article by the "Washington Examiner" back in July, Twitter did the same thing when the #DNCLeaks became a trending topic. This hashtag was created when the emails from the Democratic National Committee were revealed by WikiLeaks. It was squashed by Twitter, just like #ZombieHillary!

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