Youtube was like the rock star version of television when it was first launched in 2005. You could say whatever you wanted on it, parents had no clue how to deal with it, and there were very limited laws to curtail your freedom. The company has come a long way since that time, accumulating billions of viewers along the way and climbing to the top of the video content food chain. Unfortunately, the company may have recently made the worst possible changes to its monetization policy, and this is sure to have an indelible effect on the quality of content in the future.

Youtube will not be as much fun anymore

There are millions of individuals around the world who look to create content on Youtube and make a living out of it. The platform has always been so popular because it did not limit any individual's freedom of expression or allow their thoughts to affect the money they drew from their channel. Unfortunately, this is set to change from this point on thanks to the massive changes in Youtube’s monetization policy.

All videos now need to be ‘advertiser-friendly’ in order to earn any revenue using AdSense. What does ‘advertiser-friendly’ mean you ask? Well a video can no longer include the following type of content if the creator intends to monetize it:

  • Violent actions or situations related to over-the-top violence
  • Strong language that is profane or incongruous
  • Content that is sexual or sexually suggestive in any way
  • Content that promotes any kind of drugs or illegal substances
  • Discussion of any kind of controversial matters related to politics, environmental disasters, celebrities, etc.

That’s right, it looks like someone’s grandfather just became the new policy maker for Youtube and decided to suck all the fun out of it.

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Anyone who follows any content creators or has spent a reasonable amount of time on the website knows that the above-mentioned content is the only kind of content that sells on Youtube.

Most popular Youtubers have made a brand out of their names by voicing controversial opinions and this has been amazing to witness for the audience as well. Youtube not only acted as a portal for free speech, but you could also make a living out of being smart, opinionated and vigorous in your opinions.

The future is boring

The type of content that will be featured by popular channels from this point on will probably be vastly different from what we have been used to for over a decade now. Many popular Youtubers such as Meghan Tonjes and Philip DeFranco have already voiced their dissent on the matter, and it remains to see if this will prompt Youtube to reconsider their policy in any way. The changes have effectively transformed Youtube into television, and this should not be the direction that the organization is looking to take after revolutionizing the way we perceive video content.

What do you think of Youtube’s new policy? Please post your comments below.

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