Charlotte, North Carolina has become the latest American city to devolve into chaos because of a high-profile police shooting of an African-American. Because of an initial narrative of the man holding a book, mobs took to the streets, attacking bystanders (and each other), looting stores, and battling with the police. The National Guard has been turned out to restore order. Ironically, as a video has proven, the man came at police officers with a gun and thus gave them no choice.

The cop was not a white racist, but also an African American. But the truth no longer mattered.

The narrative and the rioting is meant to stir black fears of racist police who are indiscriminately shooting African American men for no reason. The Black Lives Matter movement feeds off of that meme and gains power from it. The Obama administration winks and nods and Hillary Clinton tries to feign sympathy.

Ironically, the civil unrest that has rocked such communities as Ferguson, Baltimore, and now Charlotte will likely elect Donald Trump president of the United States.

When conditions become more chaotic during an election year, the outsider candidate invariably gains an advantage. The principle adhered in 1968 when Richard Nixon became president with a mandate to stop the violence that was rocking inner cities and college campuses.

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Donald Trump

It was true when Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980. The politicians who preside over the chaos almost invariably lose.

Trump is playing things smart, going on TV and expressing more sorrow than anger, but at the same time pushing a law and order agenda. His latest proposal is to reinstate stop and frisk, which has proven successful in catching people with illegal guns and drugs and thus tamping down on crime but has been criticized as impacting African Americans disproportionately.

At the same time, Trump is conducting an almost unprecedented outreach to the black community, offering a change to crime and poverty, asking for votes. Polling evidence suggests that the Republican candidate is getting some response.

President Obama is right about one thing. The election of Donald Trump, if it happens, would constitute a repudiation of his presidency and his legacy. Noting the violence in the streets of Charlotte, that repudiation cannot come too soon.


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