One aspect of Donald Trump that has his supporters tearing their hair in despair and Team Hillary high-fiving in delight is his propensity never to let a personal insult go unanswered. Four days after Hillary Clinton brought up the matter of Alicia Machado during the debate, Trump is still tweeting about it. Ironically, as Hot Air reports, Clinton told a whopper on the same night that touches Trump’s primary area of expertise – real estate.

She said that the Bush tax cuts caused the Great Recession, the effects of which we are still living. As the Washington Post points out, this is a lie. In fact, a piece of legislation passed by Hillary’s husband led to a real estate bubble that burst just in time to tarnish George W. Bush and ensure the election of Barack Obama.

The legislation in question was the Community Reinvestment Act of 1999.

The law pressured banks to provide mortgage loans to people who ordinarily would not qualify for them, the idea being that that more individuals who owned houses the better. Home values soared, more people used their home equity to borrow money, spending skyrocketed, and the good times rolled.

Of course, the inevitable happened, and the bottom fell out of the market as more and more people defaulted on their home loans, unable to pay them.

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Bill Clinton and not George W. Bush was mostly responsible for the crash, though blame could be passed out to all sides.

Trump could have brushed off the Alicia Machado matter as beneath him and concentrated on Clinton’s lies about the economy. He knows about the relationship between too easy credit and a housing bubble because if he knows anything he knows about financing real estate deals.

However, the personal embarrassment of being accused once again of being mean to women was too much not to answer.

Trump must be especially galled by the fact that the accusation came out of the mouth of a lady who made a career of trashing and destroying rape victims. But Hillary Clinton has adroitly distracted him, and as a result, Trump stands in danger of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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