A lot of people are focused on Hillary Clinton’s various prevarications and the state of her health to the detriment of examining some of her more nuanced stands on the issues. The sharp-eyed Robert Bryce at National Review noticed that Clinton, in response to a questionnaire on various science and technology issues, has come out for nuclear power. In so doing she has defied the environmental orthodoxy that has adhered for the past 40 years. And yet, given her acceptance of the global warming gospel, her position was all but inevitable.

If one believes that global warming, or as most of its adherents decorously call it, climate change, is a problem then one is faced with some stark choices if one is a politician.

A politician like Hillary Clinton has to find ways to reduce the production of greenhouse gasses through the burning of oil, natural gas, and coal. But something has to replace those sources of energy. Otherwise, the politician in question is going to be faced with asking the voters to cut back on their use of electricity, which means he or she will soon be unemployed.

Naturally many have fixed on solar and wind, being sources of renewable energy and not sources of pollution, as solutions. But the technology, while promising, is not advanced enough to start turning off coal and natural gas plants and replacing them with wind farms and solar arrays.

That leaves nuclear energy. The advantage of this form of energy is that nuclear plants put out a lot of electricity and do not create greenhouse gasses.

On the other hand, like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima proved, when a nuclear accident happens catastrophe follows. Modern safety features are increasingly making nuclear accidents more unlikely, however.

Unfortunately, for many in the environmental movement, opposition to nuclear power is as much a dogma as a belief that global warming or climate change is going to cook the planet.

Clinton would have some trouble with some of her environmental backers, but she comfortable in the knowledge that she is running against a candidate who could give two hoots about global warming and who believes that energy production should be governed by the free market.

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