The presence of alcohol in our culture is one of those unexplained mysteries that seems more confounding when you really start thinking about it. Alcohol is one of the biggest killers in the world, it makes us lose control over our senses and leads to dangerous activities such as drinking and driving, and in a lot of people, it ends up bringing out the worst in them leading to cases of domestic violence. Despite all these factors, alcohol remains an integral part of our culture, and its overall consumption has barely changed over the years.

It seems that we may never be able to remove alcohol from society, but one professor from England is looking to change the nature of alcohol itself, making it a lot safer to consume and limit some of its nastier side-effects.

The age of synthetic alcohol

Professor David Nutt from the Imperial College in London, has been working on different variants of synthetic alcohol that are sure to have a huge impact on the lives of alcoholics. So far, he has patented over 90 types of synthetic alcohols, and he calls his brew 'Alcosynths'.

He claims that Alcosynths are capable of matching the effects of regular alcohol, without the added burden of hangovers and nausea after overindulgence. This new revolutionary drink is also going to have a cap on the buzz, maxing out after four to five drinks, after which drinking anymore Alcosynth won't have an effect on your mental state.

The beauty of David Nutt's creation also extends to saving millions of lives around the world, because Alcosynth will not be as damaging to your heart and liver as compared to regular alcohol.

The professor envisions a world that has the option of choosing between regular alcohol and Alcosynth by 2050, and he is fast on the tail of finalizing the formulas of two of his brews. The implications of Alcosynth on society in general could be immense, leading to a large-scale overhaul in the way we behave in comparison to a society obsessed with consuming alcohol.

Nutt also believes that this will be greatly beneficial to the workforce as employees won't have to deal with working through headaches and hangovers anymore.

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