While some people no doubt still entertain fantasies about seeing Hillary Clinton being arrested on the campaign trail for her various misdeeds, a presidential candidate has actually had a warrant issued against her. Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who is polling in the low double digits, appeared at protests of the proposed Bakken Pipeline. She spray painted the words “I approve this message” and “We need decolonization” on some of the equipment being used to deploy the pipeline.

As a result, according to AOL News, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department has issued a warrant for her arrest for trespassing and vandalism.

Stein, as PJ Media suggests, seems to have found a way to combine some of the worst traits of the two principal candidates, that being Hillary Clinton’s criminal behavior and Donald Trump’s boorishness. Of course, Trump likely would never vandalize construction equipment, and Clinton would never allow cameras record her committing a crime.

In an unpredictable election, one thing that can be predicted is that Stein is not going to be elected president, no matter how toxic the two major party candidates are. The Green Party lost the chance to make a splash when Bernie Sanders, whom Hillary Clinton best out for the Democratic Party nomination, declined to run under that ticket. The Green Party has not polled much over one or two points in its existence as a national party.

Still, as political theater, committing a crime and then being arrested for it constitutes a brilliant move on Stein’s part. The Bakken Pipeline controversy combines two issues that excite her fan base, hatred of oil companies and support for Native Americans, who believe that the pipeline is being built across their sacred lands. Stein will probably dine out forever on being put in handcuffs and being forced to pay a fine or, even, spend some of the campaign in a North Dakota lockup.

Careers have been made for such acts of what some call civil disobedience, and others call criminal mischief. To be sure, Jill Stein has been arrested before during the 2012 campaign, showing that she had an addiction for such things.

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