The UK Prime MinisterTheresa May is in New York for the United Nations General Assembly meeting. Mrs. May is attending the meeting to influence the Americans to continue with its business projects with the UK. It is feared that many of the country's allies, mainly the US, will discontinue its business deals with Britain. It's the first time that the Prime Minister will make a high profile speech since taking the office after the Brexit referendum.

At the General Assembly

The whole scare of other countries cutting its business deals with the UK came after Britain decided to leave the European Union(hence Brexit). Atthe General Assembly Mrs. May will also cover the issues of "global terrorism, mass migration, modern slavery and the modernization of the 71-year-old organization" itself," reports "Reuters."The following is a statement released by "Reuters" ahead of Mrs.

May's official speech at the assembly; "The British people did not vote to turn inwards or walk away from any of their partners in the world."

Talks with global American companies

The Prime Minister is reported to have multiple meetings with global American companies such as Goldman Sachs, IBM and British Prime Minister is going to hold talks with the aforementioned companies in order to boost the companies' confidence in continuing with the tradition of hiring British workers among its workforce.

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It is reported that around 1 million British people work for American companies in the US and vice versa. To quote Reuter's Social Media and Digital Editor Jamila Knowles' words, "there is reciprocity" in both nations hiring workers from one another. Besides hiring British citizens Mrs. May is reportedly going to urge the American business giants to continue with its investment in the UK companies and workforce in the post-Brexit climate.

Mrs May's plans before leaving for New York

Before leaving for New York the UK Prime Minister Theresa May told "The Sun" that she would be trying to "encourage that trade and investment between the two countries."

"What I will be talking about with both American and British business leaders is about how we can encourage that trade and investment between the two countries", said the UK Prime Minister.

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