The Presidential Debate kicked off  between the two Presidential candidates. The Democratic leader Senator Hillary Clinton clashed in a war of the words with the Republican Party leader Donald Trump in what could be described as a heated argument.  

The 'birther lie' issue

Mrs. Clinton attacked Mr. Trump by claiming that the Republican party leader and Presidential candidate used the "birther lie",a lie by Mr. Trump that President Obama was not born in the US, through out his political campaign.


It has been reported that Mr. Trump had raised questions over the incumbent US President Barack Obama's citizenship by claiming that Mr. Obama was born outside the US. 

"Trump started his campaign on a lie. A racist lie", said Mrs. Clinton during the live debate. A "lie" that Mr. Trump later denied. "CNN" reported that Donald Trump "sought to end his long-standing attempt to discredit the nation's first African-American President" (the 'birther lie').

The newspaper argued further that the Presidential nominee "reversed himself on the issue" by "admitting that President Barack Obama was born in the United States."

The Cybersecurity Issue

During the live Presidential Debate on "CBS NEWS, " the Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton blamed Russia for the cyber attacks on American companies and organizations. Mr. Clinton described the issue "as one of the biggest challenges facing the next president." "No doubt Russia has used cyber attacks on American companies", said Mrs.


Clinton. "Putin is playing a long game here"

The NATO issue 

The recent attack on NATO aid convoy in Aleppo, Syria has raised concerns about NATO and its allies having any control in the Syrian war.  NATO trucks loaded with medical and food supplies were attacked soon after the Ceasefire was declared over by the Assad regime. The "New York Times" reported that the US blames Russia and the Assad regime behind the attacks "shredding what remained of the severely weakened agreement between the United States and Russia at halting the war.

"Just when we think it cannot get any worse, the bar of depravity sinks lower," Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said in regards to the attacks. 

Trump revealing NATO secrets

Donald Trump argued that NATO is forming a special force to tackle terrorism in the Middle East. He argued that he had read about the formation of such group in an article published in the "Wall street Journal." "We have to get NATO plus the nations and knock the hell out of ISIS", said Mr.


Trump during the live broadcast.  The Republican leader and Presidential candidate demanded that the countries that are part of NATO are "not paying their fair share" to tackle terrorism. He criticized Japan for selling its cars to the US as a form of payment.   

The following is the transcript of Donald Trump's speech during the live TV broadcast of the Presidential Debate on "CBS NEWS";


  • " Nato could be obsolete. They do not focus on terror."
  • "I read an article on Wall St Journal about Nato starting a new group focused mainly on terror."

Hillary Clinton replied by reminding her rival about Article 5 by stating that "An attack on one is an attack on all!"

The ISIS issue

Donald Trump blamed Hillary Clinton and the Bush Administration for creating Isis. He claimed that Mrs. Clinton supported the invasion of Iraq and that Isis "wouldn't have been formed if Hillary had left soldiers behind." Mr.


Trump blamed Hillary further by claiming that "they shouldn't have left oil" in Iraq. 

War of the words

  • TV Anchor: How do you prevent homegrown attacks?
  • Trump: "Clinton created a vacuum. Isis was formed." 
  • "Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton formed the ISIS"
  • "They wouldn't have been formed if Hillary had left army behind."
  • "We shouldn't have left oil."
  • Hillary: "Donald supported the invasion of Iraq. "
  • Trump: "I was against the war in Iraq."
  • "I have a much better temperament than hers."
  • "I know how to win. She doesn't know how to win."
  • Hillary: "The only secret is that he has no plans."

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