Donald Trump's sniffles have made the headlines today as that sniffling noise was heard each time the GOP candidate took in air. This is not the first time this has happened, but for some reason it seemed that the microphone was toned just right to pick this up. If you listen carefully to some of the speeches Trump has given in the past, you can hear a slight whistling sniff as he takes in air through his nose between sentences. It is almost as if someone tried to pick that sound up and amplify it last night.


Defective mic or planted amplifier?

Trump himself picked up the mic's performance, claiming his microphone was defective and even suggested it was purposely done. "The Boston Globe" reports that Trump claimed his mic had a problem as soon as the debate was over Monday night. If you listen to him you can also hear the sounds from his suit fabric hitting the podium, the wind coming from his hands as he made a gesture and the smacking of his lips, which everyone makes, but is not loud as it was for Trump last night.


Darth Vader-like

Back in June, "Esquire Magazine," referred to the sniffling coming from Trump as a "Darth-Vader"-like sound each time he drew in a breath. This sniffling wasn't as noticeable back in June as it was last night during the presidential debates. It was almost as if someone made sure that sniffling sound would be picked up and emphasized by the microphone. It was almost like a Darth Vader sound in between his sentences.

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Donald Trump

As the Mirror suggests today that "Trump's sniff" is the "hottest topic" to come out of the presidential debate last night. Social Media is having a field day with this, but the story this morning should be someone checking the sound system on his podium for an amplifying device.

Trump's mic seemed to pick up even the most delicate of sounds from Trump's podium, but that wasn't the case with Hillary's audio accommodations. 

Social media has field day with 'sniffing'

The social media sites picked up on this sniffing and as you can see by the couple of tweets above, they had something to taunt Trump with after the debate.


Yes, everyone heard Trump's sniffing, but if someone else was speaking into the mic, you would also probably hear the sound of them taking in and expelling air as the sound seemed to be magnified from Trump's podium.

Mic picked up more than sniffing!

Listen to the YouTube video below and you can hear Trump parting his lips. You can also hear that tiny smacking sound that everyone makes when opening their mouth, but it is much more amplified than it should be for Donald Trump!


Either someone didn't want to miss a syllable said by this man, or they were trying to make his speaking a bit annoying by amplifying his sniffing sound. What do you think?

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