Reports from Donald Trump supportersemerged via Twitter that following Trump's immigration speech in Phoenix on Tuesday, that the donation page was overloaded with traffic. The message was apparently generated on the Trump Website when they tried to make donations. It is not possible to verify if the site was down to alleged traffic overload, or whether it was some other issue that caused the hitch. Nevertheless, the reaction to Trump was incredible at the Phoenix Rally. He could barely talk with all the applause and chanting of those present and had to pause often.

Crowd chanting and cheering

Watching his speech on CNN, the audience was certainly reacting very positively to his stance on immigration. In other words, the people there just loved his speech. The speech came after he visited Mexico following an invitation by President Enrique Pena Nieto, to discuss the illegal immigrant problem and the building of his proposed wall. Trump was quick to point out that Hilliary Clinton did not accept the invitation.

With the Hillarycamp not there, the contents of the full discussions have not all been revealed, but Donald Trump said in his speech that the "Mexicans will pay for the wall 100 percent - they just don't know it yet."

Standing ovations for the wall concept

Opening his speech with the fact that the wall will be built brought standing and rousing ovations.

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Donald Trump

Trump warned the people that refugees are a danger to the United States and enlarged on his proposed immigration policies. These includedcombating the projected rise of immigration, to try and keep immigration within the norms of the period from the 1960's until 2015. When Trumpmoved away from describing his "beautiful impenetrable wall," he spoke about allowing immigrants who can "assimilate" to Amercian life, immigrants who can be "self-supporting" and immigrants who can help to build America again.

Cheers from the crowds came when he said that Amnesty days will be a thing of the past and illegals will simply not become citizens just because they are there.

Liberal America and real fears

His speech has aroused the usual Hitlerian allegations from the more liberal class of the USA, but the polls are narrow and there is possibly a large group of people who really do fear the rise of radical immigrants that are making news headlines in Europe with their demands - for example, it was reported that Muslims in Switzerland are demanding the Swiss change their flag as Muslims find the cross on the flag offensive.

"These are matters of Life and death for our country," Trump said. Life and death are fear issues with any population and is something that could just sway enough voters his way in the elections.

VOX News reported on thestory from the viewpoint that 11 million illegal immigrants in the USA should be afraid - "very afraid."

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