Phoenix - Since Donald Trump shared his idea to build a Trump wall to separateMexico and the United States, Democrats and Republicans alike have had mixed feelings about his plan. According to Fox News, WednesdayTrump doubled down on his plan. Trump, fresh off a trip to meet with Mexican President, Says during his speech in Phoenix Arizona, "There will be no amnesty," referring to the many illegal immigrantsplaguing the nation.

Is the idea of building a wall the best?

The American people are split over the benefits of the wall plan. According to a study conducted by Pew research, 79 percent of Trump supporters and members of the GOP feel that we need a wall. That figure leaves 21 percent undecided. So what would be the benefits of a great wall? According to experts the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

Trumps immigration plan

According to Fox news, Trump has clarified his immigration plan. Below is an outline of the present plan.

1.Build a fence, send 25,000 more border agents, send Predator drones.

This will stop illegal immigrants from cominginto the US illegally. Obama's open border policy has opened more than just the borders. Now, not only are the people crossing illegally but now criminals are crossing, including jihadis. The wall and additional security will force the people wanting to be citizens to go through the steps of citizenship, rather that come in and stay illegally.

2.Enforce immigration law.

This will allow ICE to send over all the illegals, with an option that they all can come back and become citizens the correct way.

3.No more cozy detention centers. To date, housing these illegals in our detention centers is costing the taxpayer billions of dollars each year. Trump plans to send them back immediately which will save billions of dollars to be used for much-needed programs such as Education and health care.

4.Oppose “DREAM Act”. According to the GOP candidate,In his book, Trump said he restricts the supposed DREAM Act, and he assailed areas which stipend in-state educational cost benefits at open schools and colleges, bringing about a circumstance where illegals may pay less that out of state U.S. natives. He didn't offer any recommendations in the book about extraditing illicit aliens. However, he has subsequent to pushed the expelling of foreigners, while permitting some over into the nation through a sped up procedure.

If you have not read this book, I recommend you pick up a copy today. In his book, he outlines in greater detail, his plan on immigration.

5.No future tuition benefits. As we stand at the moment, tuition for education is backward according to Trump. Tuition for the US out of state citizen is noticeablemore that for ofnon-citizen. Most of the GOP believe this will help the percentage of graduates grow to higher numbers.

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