Going into the first presidential debate, Team Hillary got some horrible news via the Bloomberg Poll. Donald Trump now leads Clinton nationwide in a four-way matchup (including Gary Johnson and Jill Stein) at 43 to 41 percent. A two-way race has Trump and Clinton neck and neck at 46 percent. Hot Air has a pretty good rundown on the numbers and an analysis.

One can smell the stench of fear oozing from the Clinton campaign, as exemplified from her lament about not being 50 points ahead. This development was not supposed to happen.

This time, Hillary Clinton was expected to march unimpeded to the Oval Office to become, as is her right, the first woman president of the United States. That orange haired braggart, that misogynist pig, that overbearing bully was only supposed to be a speed bump along the way.

The numbers from some of the swing states are looking just as bad. Ohio is all but lost. Trump is ahead in Colorado, North Carolina, and Florida.

Trump is narrowly behind in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Clinton’s advantage in the Electoral College is melting away.

The reasons for the reversal of fortune is clear for anyone to see. Trump has gotten a dose of self-discipline and has largely refrained from saying alarming things. He is offering serious policy proposals and had assumed a serious personality suitable for a president of the United States.

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At the same time, Clinton’s status as a thoroughly corrupt and likely chronically ill politician has been laid bare.

In other words, Trump, once too crazy to be allowed near the nuclear codes, is now the candidate that can be most imagined using them responsibly. Clinton, on the other hand, has assumed the air of appalling ickiness that one does not want to see at all, not to mention in the White House.

To be sure, in theory, Ms. Clinton has a few weeks to turn things around. But as 16 former Republican candidates, all of whom are more qualified for the presidency that either of the two major party candidates, can attest that is easier said than done. The only other alternative now is prayer.   

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