Politico has an interesting story about the evolution of the attitude of the Barack Obama White House toward the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. In the beginning, Team Obama looked upon it with a mixture of amusement mixed with astonishment, as did most people. That feeling morphed into barely disguised giddiness when the mercurial and gaffe-prone real estate tycoon and reality media star gained the Republican nomination.

But the joy has morphed into sheer terror as Trump has moved into a dead heat with Hillary Clinton and, in some polls, has pulled ahead.

Some in the White House are beginning to wonder where they went wrong, not in their policies, to be sure, but in how the benefits they think they have given to the American people have been communicated. Clearly, Americans do not realize how much Obamacare has given them access to health insurance or how much a contribution to world peace the Iran nuclear deal has been.

That both of these policies have proven to be real-world disasters is not within the realm of their comprehension.

The attitude of Obama and his advisers toward the Trump phenomenon says more about them than it does about Donald Trump. Trump is easy to explain. He represents the desire for revenge on the part of tens of millions of Americans against Washington elites that they feel have abused them and have been unresponsive to their complaints.

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Donald Trump

Americans asked for redress nicely in the form of the tea party movement, even electing comfortable Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. Now, having been spurned and even punished for their temerity, American voters have now decided that polite entreaties have not work, and it is time for insisting.

Obama and his people have yet to grasp the whirlwind they have sown. The hope and change they had peddled in 2008 have become fear and loathing, to coin a phrase made by the late Hunter S.

Thompson. Team Obama is living in dread what a Trump win is going to say about their governance. That being said, they are still in denial about the harm their policies have wrecked on Americans or the white hot rage they have caused.  

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