One of the measurements of a strength of a politician is how much his or her endorsements are worth. By that metric, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas still retains some of his mojo. All but one of the candidates he endorsed in the recent Arizona and Florida primaries won.

In Arizona, Rep Paul Goser and State Sen. Montenegro won their primary contests. In Florida, Sen.

Marco Rubio won handily in his race. Arizona state Senate President Andy Biggs leads slightly in his contest, but will likely go to a recount. Don Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, lost his contest. Cruz declined to endorse Sen. John McCain, but he beat his primary challenger as well.

Cruz is thought to have taken a political hit because of his refusal to endorse Donald Trump for president, despite the fact that he promised to support the eventual Republican nominee no matter who that person might be.

But personal issues left over from the campaign, during which Trump insulted Cruz’s wife and suggested that his father was involved in the Kennedy assassination, has abrogated that promise in Cruz’s mind. So far Trump has not moved to directly mend fences with Cruz, despite the fact that his alliance would benefit him more than his enmity.

Cruz has his own political path to follow. Besides performing his duties as a United States senator, Cruz has to be reelected in 2018.

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Donald Trump

Rumors abound that someone might try to contest the primary with him, though the strongest possible Republican, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, has expressed disinterest in being in the Senate. Political observers suspect that Cruz is all but certain to run for the presidency in 2020 no matter who wins the contest in 2016. Running against Hillary Clinton would be automatic. A run against a President Donald Trump would be more problematic, but Trump, a man in his 70s, may only opt to serve one term.

In that case, Cruz, the last man standing against Trump in 2016, would be well positioned to be his successor to the presidency.  

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