As widely reported, Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas officially endorsed Donald Trump for president, stating his reasons in a Facebook post. Essentially, Trump is the only person who stands between the United States and the horrors of a Hillary Clinton presidency, so Cruz has decided to support his erstwhile political foe. While Trump himself was gracious in his reaction, the same cannot be said for some in the media and social media.

Hot Air’s Allahpundit, though he stated that he had fully expected the endorsement to happen as early as last July, still considered the action to be craven. Cruz, according to the well-read commentator, was abandoning his stance as a man of principle and was behaving like a typical politician. Cruz supporter and Never Trumper Glen Beck reacted with despair, wondering if it was not the time to “go into the mountains” in reaction to Cruz’s jumping on the Trump Train.

One issue that some have raised was that of Trump’s vicious attacks on Cruz’s wife Heidi and his father during the primaries. The Texas Tribune caught up with the senator and asked how he could support Trump given that he has not publicly apologized. Cruz responded that after much prayer that he and his family has decided to forgive the mercurial presidential candidate for his attacks.

Many Trump supporters such as Texas Lt.

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Donald Trump

Governor Dan Patrick and Fox TV personality Sean Hannity welcomed Cruz’s change of heart. Cruz, for his part, pointed out that he had promised to support the Republican nominee, whomever that person happened to be, and thus he was fulfilling his vow.

What effect the Cruz endorsement has on the campaign is a matter for debate. If Trump wins narrowly, the senator from Texas can suggest with some credibility that his support helped him with movement conservatives who have hitherto be reticent to support the New York real estate tycoon and reality TV star.

In turn, Cruz will have a president in the Oval Office who is beholden to him and will be under obligation to help with his agenda. In short, an unlikely political alliance will have been forged.  

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