A reporter from TMZ buttonholed Sen. Ted Cruz. R-Texas as he was leaving Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. and asked him what he thought of Colin Kaepernick, the second string quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who is refusing to stand for the National Anthem. The conservative Republican does not think much of Kaepernick or his gesture.

Cruz referred to Kaepernick as a “spoiled, rich athlete” who did not recognize the “blessing this country is.” He suggested that the quarterback is “rolling in millions of dollars” while he “disrespects this country.”

Cruz did not think much of President Barack Obama’s approach on the kerfuffle, which was to take a first amendment stance, suggesting that Kaepernick has the right to do what he is doing and that he is highlighting particular problems of concern.

Cruz stated that it is the job of the president to stand up for America and to encourage Americans to honor the flag.

Cruz was quick to mention how he is the son of a refugee from Cuba who fled oppression and saw America as a beacon of freedom.

Cruz is, without a doubt, expressing the majority opinion in the United States where Kaepernick and his refusal to stand during the National Anthem is concerned. While protest is a cherished tradition in the United States, adhered to by people of all political beliefs, most people draw the line at the disrespect for the country itself and its cherished symbols.

The American flags have, as the saying goes, flown from hundreds of battlefields. It is the only flag (so far) to have been raised on the surface of the moon. It contains the very soul of America, much like an Imperial Eagle did that of Ancient Rome. While flag burning is a common act of protest, protected by the Constitution, it is widely despised by Americans.

Kaepernick, who is close to the end of his NFL career because of a drop off of his performance, has likely done whatever cause he was highlighting a disservice by the nature of his protest.

It was a sad ending of his brief period of fame.

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