Mike Pence, the Republican nominee for vice president, appeared on Capitol Hill, according to the Wall Street Journal, to court congressional Republicans, Sen. Ted Cruz in particular, for the cause of electing Donald Trump for president. Cruz, because of appalling things that Trump said about his family, is one of the highest profile holdouts for endorsing the Republican nominee. No one outside the meeting knows what happened when Pence met Cruz and, publically, Cruz has still not endorsed Trump.

However, Cruz did lay into Hillary Clinton for her “basket of deplorables” remark that smeared millions of Trump supporters.

Team Trump would definitely like to have Cruz in its corner. The senator from Texas, while he is on the outs with many of his fellow senators, has a lot of pull with mainstream conservatives, including many in the never Trump camp. Unfortunately Cruz’s disdain for Trump is more personal that it is political (though plenty of the latter objections exist as well.) Trump would have to apologize for insulting Cruz’s wife and smearing his father by suggesting he was part of a conspiracy to kill President John F.

Kennedy. Trump, as a rule, does not do apologies.

Still, Team Trump was likely smart to use Pence, a mainstream, movement conservative, to put out feelers to Cruz for a possible rapprochement. The question arise, did Cruz turn down Pence’s overtures flat or did he set conditions that Pence could take back to Trump?

One condition Cruz might set, aside from the apology, would be for Trump to get behind the senator from Texas’ effort to keep the Obama administration from transferring control of Internet domain names from the Commerce Department to an international organization.

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Donald Trump

Cruz has taken the position that this move would open the Internet to censorship from authoritarian regimes. Advocates of the move claim that safeguards exist to prevent that from happening. Cruz believes he has some bipartisan support to prevent the handover and has vowed to attach a rider to a continuing resolution spending bill to make that happen. But such a move may create another government shutdown crisis if the Obama administration, as it usually does, digs in its heels and refuses to budge.

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