Did NASA's Curiosity Rover capture the image of a huge snake on Mars? AsMars Curiosity Rover continues its expedition on the planet Mars it sends back images to NASA and these images are posted online for all to see. While many glance through the sea of photos from the red planet, some armchair explorers go over the images with a fine-tooth comb and occasionally they come across something quite interesting. That brings us to the latest discovery, a snake slithering along a rock found on the red planet.

Snake on Mars?

The Curiosity Rover has sent back tons of pictures and in the past armchair explorers have found images in the photos that look like a rodent, or possibly a Martian squirrel, images that looked like ruins from a long-ago civilization, and even something that resembled a human form.

This picture, described by The Inquisitr as a "huge alien snake" does look compelling. If there is a snake or snakes on Mars, then there could very well be more life forms.

Check out the YouTube video below where they point out this alien snake moving along a rock formation on Mars. It certainly has the right shape, curves, and form for a snake, very much like we would see here on Earth. Now that brings us around to the possibility that maybe this was an image captured here on Earth and not in heavens on a planet so very far away.

Snake on Earth?

For every snake, alien image, or a Mars shadow resembling an ancient ruin that is found hidden in the Curiosity Rover's pictures from Mars, there is someone out there who believes we are seeing something completely different.

One conspiracy theory has popped up in the UFO forums online that suggests this is not the terrain of Mars that NASA is photographing, but a place here on Earth. This theory is discussed in the YouTube video below!

Conspiracy theories galore!

Some believe these images are taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover, but not while the Rover is roaming on Mars, but a place here on Earth -- possibly in the desert.

One theory gaining some steam today is that the landscape seen in the NASA photos is from Devon Island in Canada! Some of this Devon Island conspiracy comes from that rodent that almost looks like a squirrel, which showed up in a picture a few years back. Some say it's the spitting image of a Lemming, which is a rodent found on Devon Island and in the Arctic Tundra.

Getting back to the snake --while it could be a formation in the rock together with the shadows that conjures up an image of a snake, it also could quite possibly be a snake. If the conspiracy theories are true and the Mars Rover roams somewhere here on Earth, that image could very easily be a snake that the folks who posted the pictures back at NASA missed!

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