Boy loses service dog he depends on for help with special needs

A mom from Rhode Island has alerted authorities that her teen son's specially trained service dog has gone missing. According toFox News,Kimberly Stephenson Andrews said that the dog, named Brady, had disappeared during a trip to Holbrook, Massachusetts, on September 8.

Though the family spent hours searching for the missing service dog, they found no sign of Brady, leading them to contact police, who believe the boy's dog may have been stolen.Brady belongs to Kimberly's 14-year-old son, who has unspecified special needs. She says the service dog helps him cope with the challenges of life.

Service dog has special needs, as well

The Andrews family is not only concerned about the well-being of their son, but of Brady, as well, as he requires medication and special food.

The incident occurred the afternoon of September 8 on Belcher Street. If you have seen the dog pictured in the following tweet, or have any information regarding the case, please contact the Holbrook Police Department.

Service dogs for those with special needs is growing more common

In the past, service dogs were associated mostly as guide dogs for the blind, but in recent years it has become apparent that a larger variety of disabilities can benefit from the calming effects of these animals.

Some of these areas include military veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, people with special needs, hearing dogs for the deaf, and those with epilepsy.

Some canines actually can be trained to alert their owner before a seizure strikes. According to The Epilepsy Foundation,seizure dogs perform this service in three different ways.

These include barking when one has a seizure,activating an alarm to alert others, andpositioning its own body near the epileptic to cushion a fall.

The following video shows a sweet puppy in training to go into service for children with special needs. Notice how calm and gentle he is with the kids.

As we can see, the absence of a much-needed service animal is a devastating blow, especially to a child with special needs.

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