According to the Washington Times, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas has decided to endorse Donald Trump, a move that could happen as early as Monday, Sept 26. The development that broke the ice between the two men was Trump’s support of Cruz’s effort to derail President Barack Obama’s plan to hand over control of the Internet to an international group. Cruz contends that the move would give authoritarian regimes such as Russia, China, and Iran undue influence over the Internet.

A number of supporters of the move, including many tech companies, dispute this assertion.

Cruz is also said to have become increasingly concerned about what the constitutional effects of a Hillary Clinton victory would entail. Clinton would have the ability to appoint a number of left-wing justices to the Supreme Court who would proceed to upend common understanding of what the Constitution means, eroding a number of civil rights.

What form the endorsement will take is currently a work in progress. The way that would likely suit Team Trump the best would be a public event where Cruz announces his support, perhaps with Trump present so they could shake hands and make a show of unity. Also, unknown is whether Trump will apologize for savaging Cruz’s wife and father during the primaries. Even absent an apology, Cruz, a devout Christian, can always fall back on his faith’s tradition of forgiving those who trespassed against him.

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Donald Trump

Cruz’s support, especially if it comes on the day of the first presidential debate, would prove to be a shot of adrenalin to Campaign Trump, a movement that is already on a roll as it rises in the polls. Cruz joining Team Trump would provide cover for many of the rest of the Never Trump group that it is now time to throw in with the one man who can prevent a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Trump, for his part, could use a vital ally in the United States Senate, giving an assist to Cruz from time for the Texas senator’s priorities.

It is even possible that, should Trump decide to run for a second term, Cruz could be persuaded to delay his presidential ambitions to 2024. Cruz is a young man and can afford to wait while in the meantime garnering more political experience and power in the Senate.   

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