According to the Washington Examiner, President Barack Obama sat down for an interview with CNN which aired about the same time he was being snubbed and humiliated at the G20 Summit in China. The question was put to him, what about this Donald Trump guy? What is his appeal? Obama’s answer was more illuminating of his psyche than it was about Trump. He dismissed Trump as representing a small, “change resistant” minority who would be swept away by the tides of history. No doubt Trump supporters have some grievances, but basically, it must suck to be them.

The president, as usual, missed the whole point. Trump supporters are very much interested in change. However, the change is such that the president and the woman who would replace him are not interested in it.

If one believes Trump (and to be sure a number of people don’t) life under his presidency would be vastly different. The size and scope of government would be curtailed, with taxes lowered, regulations diminished, and spending in particular areas cut. Obamacare would be an unpleasant memory.

Economic growth and job creation would proceed at a pace three to four times its current rate. Illegal immigration would be reduced to a trickle. Abroad, enemies of the United States, including ISIS, Iran, and even Russia and China would be confronted with a new, confident American foreign policy that would include an expanded military. Trade, on the other hand, would be approached with a more nationalistic air.

Trump, in short, is the change candidate. His agenda, advanced by someone without his well-documented character flaws, would put him in double digits ahead of Hillary Clinton. He still may well win the presidency, despite himself, since his opponent is not only an agent of a very unpleasant status quo but reeks of corruption as well.

The president’s biggest character flaw, the one that will consign him to the list of failed presidents, is his lack of empathy for others who are different than he is.

He does not understand anyone who does not recognize his awesomeness and who continues to resist his plans to remake the country in his image. Obama certainly does not know Donald Trump, a man of immense ego, vulgar personality, and who may be the last best hope of his country if he can overcome those traits.

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