President Barack Obama’s supporters used to present their man as a cerebral man, a kind of “President Spock,” calling him “No Drama Obama.” People who think calling a leader Spock is a complement never watched “Star Trek.” In any case, the man who will shortly become a private citizen is capable of boiling, white hot rage, as he demonstrated at a speech before the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner in Washington according to Politico.

He said, among other things, that if African American turnout declines for Hillary Clinton, he would regard it as “a personal insult, an insult to my legacy.”

Donald Trump has been actively conducting outreach to the African American community, traveling to inner city neighborhoods and speaking in black churches. The Los Angeles Times tracking poll suggests that the effort is starting to pay dividends.

The poll suggested that Trump now enjoys the support of 19.6 percent of the African-American vote, something that no Republican running for president has had since Eisenhower.

Obama was having none of it, letting loose an epic rant about how horrible a President Donald Trump would be for the black community, decorously avoiding mentioning the economic plight, high unemployment, and dizzying levels of poverty afflicting the same group during his presidency.

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Donald Trump

The president seems to be personally affronted that a man like Trump would be able to poach so many African American voters from his chosen heir, Hillary Clinton, a woman he loathes and despises but upon whose success his entire legacy now depends on.

The president is playing a dangerous game. He is an adroit enough politician to beat better men than he is when his name is on the ballot. But during the 2010 and 2014 midterms, the Democrats were devastated.

Hillary Clinton is not that well beloved by anyone, especially the African American community. Her odor of lies and corruption added to the sense that she is not a physically well woman is sinking her candidacy like a millstone.

Donald Trump has rightly earned the reputation as a man given to bizarre behavior who says alarming things. But President Obama proved that next to him the Donald can be as calm as a Shaolin monk.

The idea that voting against Hillary Clinton would be an “insult” to the president sounds more like a challenge than a threat. Trump will doubtless make of it as much as he can.


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