ActivistPhyllis Schlafly has passed away at the age of 92

It is a sad day in the political world today, as news of Phyllis Schlafly's death reaches the unsuspecting public. She passed away September 5 at her St. Louis area home. The conservative activist, reports theHuffington Post,has devoted her life to fighting for what she believes in, beginning her political career by 1952 and ending it only upon her death.

Mrs. Schlafly attended as well as participated in each convention of the Republican Party since 1952. She is widely known for her opposition to the ERA, or Equal Rights Amendment, for women in the 1970s.

Phyllis Schlafly supported Donald Trump's bid for the White House

In her recently released book, "The Conservative Case for Trump", co-written with Ed Martin and Brett Decker, Phyllis likens Donald Trump to the Republican winner of the 1980 presidential campaign, Ronald Reagan. The Washington Postreports that within the pages of the book, Phyllis Schlafly and her co-authors explain why The Donald is the right person for the presidency.

"For the first time since 1980, a significant number of Republicans are considering abandoning their party's nominee. Like Reagan, Trump, if elected, will inherit an America on the ropes, an America transformed into an unhappy, unprosperous, weakened, and divided nation."

Trump pays tribute to Phyllis Schlafly

According toThe Indian Express,Trump held a high respect for Mrs.

Schlafly. It was reciprocated. In March of this year, she endorsed Donald Trump while introducing him to a huge crowd at a rally in her hometown of St. Louis.

Trump hails Phyllis Schlafly as "a conservative icon who led millions of people to action, reshaped the conservative movement and fearlessly battled globalism and the 'kingmakers' on behalf of America's workers and family."

On a more personal note, The Donald says the time he spent with Mrs.

Schlafly was an "honor".

"She fought every day right to the end for America First," he stated, echoing his campaign slogan Make America Great Again.

The world has certainly lost a strong, conservative force this week. Our prayers go out to her family.

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