Jeremy Mardis, a six-year-old boy with autism, was shot and killed by Louisiana police in November of 2016. Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr., the officers involved, were arrested, facing second degree murder and attempted second degree murder charges. This week, its been revealed that Stafford shot the child in self defense, as he feared for his life and that of his fellow officer.

Christopher Few was the intended target

Jeremy's father, Christopher Few, was driving with his son in the front seat when they were pulled over by police during a traffic stop, Tuesday night in Marksville, Louisiana.

There was a pursuit, which led Few driving into a dead end where he was cornered by police. When approached by Stafford and Greenhouse, Stafford's lawyer claims that Few was non-compliant when asked by the officers to stop. He allegedly rammed his vehicle into the police car that Greenhouse was exiting, and then began backing up. At which point, the officers then opened fire on the car. A total of 14 shell casings from Stafford, as well as five from Greenhouse, were found at the scene. Few survived his injuries, while six-year-old Jeremy was hit four times and was killed.

Greenhouse and Stafford claim that they were unaware of the fact that Mardis was in the front seat of the vehicle.

Body cam footage tells a different story

The incident was captured on film, via the body cameras both officers were wearing. Prosecutors in the case said the footage revealed Christopher Few raising his hands, telling the officers not to shoot. They ignored his plea and opened fire. Though the video has yet to be made public, lawyers stated that the footage does not have any audio for nearly 30 seconds in the beginning of the video.

They also claim it is unclear whetheror not Few raised his hands prior to or after the officers began shooting. A search of Few's vehicle was conducted and no weapon was found inside.

Jeremy Mardis died at the scene, with his death being ruled as a homicide.

Stafford's prior incidents

Marksville police lieutenant Derrick Stafford's past includes an incident of him using a stun gun on two people who were already restrained and secured in 2011.

In 2012, he broke the arm of a 16-year-old girl when he was attempting to break up a fight on a school bus. Stafford will go to trial in November, while Greenhouse will go to trial in March.

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