When Obama arrived in china along with the rest of the world leaders for the G20 Summit, there was no Red Carpet ready for him when it was time to exit Air Force One, but there was for every other world leader there. Forget about the red carpet, the Chinese didn't even offer the stairs to pull up to the plane to let Obama exit the plane. He had to use an alternate exit to get off of Air Force One and make his way to the economic summit!

Blatant snub starting on tarmac

There couldn't have been a more blatant snub coming from the Chinese to the American President, which was an embarrassment to the this nation.

This was just the beginning of a trip full of friction. Once the President was left to his own devices to exit Air Force One, there were a few argumentson the tarmac.

Heated exchange...

One of Obama's aides and a Chinese official had a very heated exchange only seconds after stepping foot on the tarmac. The press pool that travels with the president was separated from Obama and they weren't allowed access to him. The president's aide told the Chinese official that they don't dictate the rules for the American President and that the U.S.

follows their own protocol when it comes to who and who does not have access to the leader and chief.

Susan Rice denied access to Obama...

According to ABC Local News, the Chinese official yelled at the President's aid, "This is our country and this is our airport!!" Then the President's National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, was told to stay away from Obama. This did not amusing to Rice who spoke about the incident with reporters later that day.

All she could say was that the Chinese "did things that weren't anticipated."


There was even a physical altercation between two Chinese officials, as one of them was in charge of assisting President Obama and those traveling with him. They had to be separated when they started swinging at each other. Then one of the Associated Press reporters, whose name appeared on the list of reporters who were allowed access to one of the summit events, but he wasn't not allowed in.

The reason behind that was his nickname was used instead of his legal first name. That mess took the U.S. Embassy's intervention to fix and he was finally allowed in.

Par for the course?

So what did Obama have to say about the very cold welcome that he and his entourage received? He seemed to think it was par for the course! He told reporters later that day that this was not the first time they've encountered this type of behavior and that it isn't just China where they've had to contend with this type of friction. Did you realize there was such a low-level of respect for Americans around the world?

Come November it is up to the American people to vote and hopefully their choice will be the candidate best suited to fix this! America needs to be a world leader, not a country that people harbor disdain for.

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