The new Clinton ad is trending on Twitter today as Hillary Clinton leaves no stone unturned when it comes to anything disparaging Trump may have said in his lifetime concerning women. The ad, which is seen below in a YouTube clip, has Trump's words with a backdrop of young girls looking in a mirror. His "fat ugly face" comment about Rosie O'Donnell is featured in this ad, and Clinton also gives airtime to Trump's words about Kim Kardashians' "fat a--." How much respect is she showing to these women by digging up these disrespectful words about them?

Hypocritical Clinton?

Some might find this deplorable on Hillary's part to repeat these horrid things said about individuals like Kim Kardashian, Rosie O'Donnell and Nicolette Sheridan.

While the names of the women that these words originally targeted are not mentioned in the ad, they know who they are. Now that the ad is out the media has dug the names up and attached them to these less-than-stellar comments made by Trump. So, yes... this could be another embarrassing moment for these women!

The words, however awful, were said years ago, so why would Clinton want to embarrass these women once again. That in itself seems to indicate Hillary isn't showing much respect to these women as well! It gives the appearance that she doesn't care what is being said as long as she makes her point and comes out on top. Do you want a president that will do this you might ask?

Will 'fat ugly face' change things for Trump?

Trump calling Rosie O'Donnell a "slob" from back in 2006 and rating Nicollette Sheridan's body as less than "10" because she is "flat chested" are all together in this one ad to make an impression on the voters. His Kardashian fat romp comment was from back in 2013, according to CNN News.

The ad goes on with these horrific comments and girls of all ages and from different races are peering into a mirror. At the end of the ad Hillary asks in writing... "Is this the president we want for our daughters?"

President for your daughters?

One of Hillary's talking points against a Trump administration is that he is not equipped to handle affairs that are of utmost importance to women and girls.

It seems that she aims to back this up with her latest campaign ad, titled "Mirrors." Hillary's new ad hits the air today on a national cable release. It will also be released via local TV in seven states, which include Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada and Florida.

This ad is similar to another ad Hillary released in May, as both are spun in an attack mode against Trump's mindset on women. Hillary is arguing that Trump is not equipped to be president when he doesn't respect half of the nation's population and that would be the female half.

What about your sons?

Maybe Trump should run a counter ad asking if Hillary is the president you want for your sons. He could include her dropping the ball in Benghazi. Hillary has highlighted Trump's past references to women from the get-go of her campaign. This hasn't stopped Trump's numbers from growing in the polls so far, but will this new Clinton ad change this?

Some see this as a ploy by a desperate Hillary Clinton as the polls have shifted in Trump's favor in recent weeks. When she recently addressed a Laborers Union conference, she took to shouting to make a point, which is seen below. Is she grasping at anything she can at this point in the campaign? People are asking today, "Is this the new Clinton?"

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