Proving that the University of Houston, the author’s alma mater, has not quite been taken over by the sorts of social justice warriors who oppressed student government vice president Rohini Sethi, Breitbart News’ Milo Yiannopoulos was allowed to speak on campus with only one serious disruption. The said disturbance is in the video below and, trigger warning, at least one use of bad language and is therefore not safe for work.

Yiannopoulos, for those not familiar with his work, is a conservative writer and bomb thrower who managed to get banned permanently from Twitter for being too provocative against an actress who appeared in the reboot of “Ghostbusters.” His speech before the U of H students was entitled “how to destroy the alt-right,” a movement that some have called fascist and racist, but members of which regard themselves as rebels against the left.

Yiannopoulos suggested that only five percent of the movement consists of white nationalists and anti-Semites.

Milo’s prescription for destroying the alt-right movement essentially included crushing political correctness and criminalizing the Black Lives Matter movement, which he regards as little more than terrorists. At that point, the movement’s grievances will have been met, and it would proceed to wither away.

Yiannopoulos also made the provocative observation that straight white men (Milo is out and proud gay) are the greatest targets of sexism, racism, and general oppression on the planet and gave some examples. “White privilege” in his view is the privilege to be name called and marginalized.

The incident depicted in the video below was an older woman who became triggered by what Yiannopoulos had to say and decided to engage in a one person sit in on the stage where he was speaking.

Milo engaged in a little banter with the protestor before she was led away to the chants of “USA! USA!” by the audience.

Remarkably, Yiannopoulos was allowed to speak at the University of Houston, a privilege he does not enjoy everywhere. He was also allowed to finish his remarks, despite the disruption by the triggered woman. His remarks were raw and politically incorrect and therefore the sort of thing that impressionable young students need to hear unimpeded by the social justice warriors.


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